Make love to
all of life.

Through the power of masculine
& feminine
energy, unlock a life brimming with intimacy,
abundance & electrifying connection.

It’s time to go deeper

Hello loves, I’m Sophie.

As an expert in masculine/feminine energies,
I help men & women heal negative relationship
patterns, become masters of their sexuality, &
empower them to experience the ecstasy of
deep, luscious connection.

As a former data scientist raised in tantra, I’ve always
been artfully bridging the gap between science
and sex. I spent a decade working in the corporate
tech world as the “strong independent woman”
— all while craving something deeper..

Now I alchemize dark and light, animal and spirit,
science and tantra, masculine and feminine…
I have found balance, connection, turn-on, intimacy,
passion, & the deepest union with life itself.

It’s time you experienced
that same lusciousness.

Follow your longing

Ignite your most powerful
masculine & master the art
of relating to the feminine.

A 5-month journey for the
masculine to discover your power,
master your sexual energy, and align
with your life’s mission.

Feeling like the feminine is still a code needing to be
cracked? Feeling disconnected from the flame of your
passion, purpose, sexuality, and inherent leadership?
Feeling lost and unsure where to start?

Start right here.

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3-Day Challenge

Discover your next level masculine in this 3-day
challenge led by the feminine to awaken your inner
king in sexuality, conscious relating, and purpose.

Step into your power


Attract, claim,
& receive money
— as you would your lover.

A 30-day journey
for the lover
who wants to forever heal
their relationship
with money.

What if money wanted you as much as you wanted
it? What if you could magnetize money to you? What
if you could harness the feminine and masculine to
create the juiciest relationship with money?

Now you can.

Yearn for it. Claim it. Own it

Heal your relationship
with the masculine &
finally awaken your
sensual, surrendered

A self-paced course for
the strong independent woman
who aches to be pushed up
a wall.

You feel like no man can handle you…And trust
me, I’ve been there.

I know firsthand that healing the masculine and
wholly, deeply embracing the feminine opens
up to infinite pleasure, true intimacy, and
effortless flow.

Learn how to get out of your head, into your body
— and ultimately, into your lover’s strong arms.
Confidently release, and allow someone else to
take the reins…maybe even a handful of hair,
if you’re ready.

Heal. Melt. Open

Deeper, deeper…

In the Deeper Podcast, we go all the way in —
deeper into yourself, each other, and into life itself.
Through interviews with men, we’ll bridge the
conversation between the masculine and feminine,
hear each other out, and embrace the challenges
of intimacy and connection.

Dive in

Play with both masculine &
feminine energies in this short,
guided embodiment exercise.

This one’s on me, baby