Helping you to connect deeper to yourself, to each other, to life. Conscious relating, life & s*x coach Sophie Josephina bridges neuroscience and tantra, masculine and feminine, through grounded spirituality so that you can go deeper in this journey of life.

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36 - conversations with a real life sub/dom married couple with Andrew & Dawn

In this week’s episode, Sophie is joined by Andrew & Dawn, a married 24/7 Dominant/submissive couple. There are so many misconceptions around this topic so in this conversation, they are going to share the depth, love and devotion that is possible when incorporating Dominant/submissive power dynamics into a loving relationship. You will also hear the reasons why this works for them, and why it’s nothing to be ashamed of! 


35- men as sexual healers with Federico

In this podcast episode, sexual healer Federico opens up about his unique work that he has been doing for more than 2 decades now. In this conversation with Sophie, they will talk about various topics: intimacy, sex, pleasure and much more!

34 - relating with the human, the polarity amd the sacred with Igor Vasilevitsky 

In this episode, Sophie is joined by Igor Vasilevitsky who is a a spiritual maturity mentor, writer and speaker, and focuses a lot of his work on sacred intimacy and relationship. In this episode they will cover both of these topics but also talk about polarity, masculine energy, father & mother wound and much more.


33 - the lover vs mothering with Monica Yates

In this week episode, Sophie interviews a trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment coach, Monica Yates and they talk about the difference between being a lover vs a mother in a relationship.

32 - breaking free and the importance of purpose with Nic Warner

In this podcast, certified coach, and facilitator of men’s work, breath work, plant medicine and sacred intimacy, Nic Warner talks about the importance of finding your life purpose in order to unlock your best life and also other topics like healing your father’s wounds, toxic masculinity and more.


31 - the nuance of feminine testing with Michael Angelo

In this podcast, teacher of trauma-informed embodiment Coach, Michael Angelo and Sophie dive into a topic of feminine testing what it is and why it's so important, healthy vs toxic feminine testing and MUCH more.  

30 - being with all her flavours with Allan McGrath Isbell

In this week's episode, we welcome Men's Embodiment Coach Allan Isbell. In this conversation, Sophie and Allan talks about feminine energy, how to keep love alive at different levels of consciousness, leadership and discernment in relationships and much more.

29 - crypto, money, and polarity with Devin Fredericksen

In this episode, Devin Fredericksen returns to the podcast to talk about the relationship between money and polarity, and the significant shifts crypto is creating in the world.

28 - when polyvagal theory meets polarity with Will de Roode

In this first episode of 2022, Will de Roode, a Trauma Informed Coach comes onto the podcast to talk about the science of the nervous system and polyvagal theory as it relates to the way we interact and have relationships with others.

27 - polarity when the feminine makes more money than the masculine with Max Trombly

In this week's discussion, relationship coach Max Trombly comes on the podcast to discuss the simplicity and power of polarity. Sophie and Max talk about situations in which women make more money than men in relationship, and what the solution might be to keep excitement and polarity.

26 - why even when you're right, you're wrong with Bryan Reeves

In this podcast, life & relationship coach, Bryan Reeves and Sophie Josephina discuss the nuances between the many approaches that men have towards love. They explore what the internal work looks like for both men and women to reach a certain functionality in their relationships.

25 - emotional intelligence, heartbreak & brotherhood with Brandon Archer

In this podcast episode, Men's Coach, Brandon Archer and Sophie Josephina dive deep into the emotional journey that men have the opportunity to embark on in order to better themselves in their relationship with the feminine. They go over the importance of having guidance from other men, and how to navigate turbulent emotional landscapes.

24 - fake positive is negative AF with Mike Campbell

In this podcast, men's coach and author, Mike Campbell shares his perspective around masculinity and what it means to be a strong, emotionally aware, capable, and effective man; especially in the context of a relationship.

23 - being fully met by the masculine with Nadia Munla

In this episode, womxn's Embodiment & Intimacy Coach, Nadia Munla introduces an embodied framework that helps both men and women expand their consciousness in relationship and to be fully nourished.

22 - falling in love with the storm with Rainier Wylde

In this episode, poet, writer, and teacher Rainier Wylde describes the art of worshipping a woman and finding peace within the uncertainties of relationship. We also discuss how the masculine and feminine relate to their shadows, and further develop the states of our archetypes.

21 - using movement to access feminine and masculine archetypes with Nemanja Sonero

In this podcast, dear friend, Nemanja Sonero comes on the podcast to discuss how movement can play an essential role in the development of both masculine and feminine polarities in an individual. We also explore the topics of what it means to create freedom within a relationship, magnifying love, and how to reclaim our power to ignite the energies of our partners.

20 - level up in men's circles with Samir Janjua

In this week's podcast guest, Samir Janjua describes the positive impact men's circles can have in helping men get in touch with their masculinity as well as express vulnerability. Samir and Sophie discuss the biggest challenges in the lives of modern men, and how to dance the line of challenging yourself to become better vs beating yourself up.

19 - integrating masculine and feminine polarities with Damien Bohler

From listening to your feedback, we have brought Damien Bohler back onto the podcast for a second time to expand on the ideas of polarity and integrated consciousness. In this episode, Damien and Sophie explore the value that exists in living out and integrating both masculine and feminine polarities so that you can be a more functional in your personal life and relationships.

18 - the art of loving the feminine with Zan Perrion

In this week's podcast, Sophie interviews author and romance artist, Zan Perrion on his views on the lover, the feminine and seduction.

17 - authentic relating and resolving childhood misattunement with Damien Bohler

In this episode, Sophie and Damien explore the paths we can take to relate better with our partners. They go deep on attachment theories, and describe how we can truly be present and support our partners when they are triggered back into their child-like state.

16 - unleash your inner mystic with David Lion

What does it mean to be a mystic? In this episode, Sophie explores the magician archetype of the masculine with David Lion. In this raw new age conversation, David shares the ethos and how-to when it comes to alchemizing a sexual relationship, and describes the role magic plays in our daily lives.

15 - the african sexual tradition with Habeeb Akande

In this episode, Sophie interviews a historian and writer of sexuality, specifically in relation to African and Muslim traditions. With his background and experience, Habeeb shares the Rwandan sexual tradition called Kunyaza, and how it can revolutionize the way we relate and connect intimately with one another. This podcast is a must listen, especially for those who are interested in learning of the different takes people have on sexuality.

14 - the warrior archetype with Traver Boehm

In the first of the 4 archetype series of interviews, Sophie speaks to Traver Boehm of the UNcivilized men's movement to understand what it means to be a warrior, especially in the modern world. They speak of the role of responsibility within community, sourcing the strength from within, and the shadow every man must face to become a true warrior. If you are a man looking to step into a more active role of strength in your life, this podcast is for you.

13 - from hypersexual to the healthy dark with Steve Mayeda

In this episode, men's coach and addiction specialist, Steve Mayeda, explores the brutality that can exist in sex. He shares his exploration into the hyper-sexual, pain, and how he finds beauty through this entire process. Steve is very blunt in his descriptions, but it is that rawness that enabled an honest and accurate conversation on these dynamic dimensions that exist in sex.

12 - explore the feminine through nature with Devin Fredericksen

In this podcast, Devin Fredericksen reveals his story exploring the masculine and feminine energies through nature. This conversation calls both men and women into their own consciousness and enables a noticing of the deep senses to explore both pain and pleasure. This is the episode to listen to if you wish to savor more of the sensations experienced from exploring your sexual urge and being out in nature.

11 - explore the darker expressions of the masculine with GS Youngblood

In this episode, Sophie explores the darker expressions of the masculine with GS Youngblood. They talk about the necessary role it plays in long-term relationships and how the dark side, when combined with the heart, can create more powerful sexual experiences.

On the Nice Guy & The Feminine - creating compassion, understanding and calling out BOTH sides

This live episode talks about the dynamic of the nice guy & the feminine, and why it matters so much in polarity. Bringing compassion, understanding and calling out to both sides of this story.

The nice guy is one of the main wounded masculine archetypes we go in DEEP in the Initiation, our men's training led by the feminine starting end of September with Madam Biccum.

10 - masculine leadership from the c*ck & heart with men’s coach Lorin Krenn

Lorin offers wisdom on how men can step into their masculine cock and heart power to lead his woman, and how women can support this calling in an emotionally intelligent way.  From this episode alone, men will learn to own his role as a leader for the feminine. Women will not only learn how to be supportive, but express the wildest and fiercest parts of themself.

09 - embodying the sexual energy that exists within a man with coach and therapist Paal Buntz

In this episode, Sophie interviews sex coach and therapist Paal Buntz on the topics of how the masculine can be more expressive and communicate better with the feminine. Paal explains the importance of slowing down and being present when it comes to utilizing masculine energy to improve sexual performance. This episode will give guidance on how men can reclaim their power in a sexually healthy way.

08 - healing the wounded masculine and connecting with the feminine with relationship coach Stefanos Sifandos

In this eighth edition of Conversations with Men, Sophie is joined by  relationship coach, Stefanos Sifandos. They explore the the challenges and potential pitfalls when the wounded feminine and wounded masculines try to communicate with one another. Stefanos explains how the masculine can connect rather than shut down, and differentiate true expressions from one's pain.  This episode will inform you on how to better navigate emotionally with your partner.

07 - address your pain and communicate your emotions effectively with Love Coach Shaun Galanos

In this episode, Shaun Galanos explores the challenges that come with communicating emotions, especially those rooted in fear and shame. Shaun offers paths in letting go of those burdens through therapy or simply sharing with people you trust. Men and women will walk away understanding what it takes to have a clear and effective dialogue between partners.

06 - how to move into the mature masculine/feminine with s*xual alchemist Chris Bale

This is one of the most powerful episodes I've ever done.

There is gold in literally every minute of this conversation.

If you want to deepen your understanding of masculine/feminine energies, this is THE episode you need to hear. Chris offers such deep wisdom for both men and women. Men, you will walk away from this like a King. Women, you will drop even deeper into your sacred longing for that powerful man.

05 -the hard stuff & the sexiness of safety with men’s sex coach Taylor Johnson

For this fourth edition of Conversations with Men, I am joined by Taylor Johnson. Taylor is a sex educator and coach who helps men master their sexual energy so they can create the intimate lives of their dreams.

Taylor and I have a deep and delicious conversation on the harder (pun intended) topics that can arise in intimacy and relating.

04 - A conversation on the embodied masculine with Themer Abourayan & Nils Elzenga

For this third edition of Conversations with Men, I am joined by Nils & Themer, the founders of the Embodied Masculine training program. These are two deeply conscious men that share their perspective on relating, masculinity and the beauty of the feminine. You will want to hear this.

03 - A conversation on primal intelligence, consent & sovereignty with Philippe Lewis

For this episode, I am joined by Philippe Lewis - relationship educator and so much more. A deeply intelligent and wise human being, an episode filled with practical insights to feel safer and more empowered in both your feminine and your masculine. We speak about consent, primal intelligence, attachment theory and sovereign relating.

02 - Surrender of the strong independent woman

In this transmission, Nicole Costerus (Women of ancient futures) interviews Sophie Josephina about moving from strong & independent to powerful & surrendered.

As two strong independent women ourselves, they share their personal journey into surrendering and also their own practices that help them balance more and more their inner feminine and masculine energies.

01 - A Conversation on Honour and Seduction with Hans Comyn 

In this episode I am joined by Hans Comyn, master seducer, as we speak about honouring your man, honouring each other, the art of seduction, and the state of relating.