Make love to
all of life.

Through the power of masculine
& feminine
energies, live a life dripping with intimacy,
abundance & the deepest connections.

It’s time to go deeper

Hello loves, I’m Sophie.

As an expert in masculine/feminine energies,
I help men & women break free from their
deepest patterns in all things - from
relationship, to within ourselves, to business,
to money, to dancing with the cosmos

so life can have its way of you...

As an ex data scientist raised in tantra and quantum physics, I’ve always been a bridger of worlds. And what better world then the world of masculine and feminine energies? 

When we heal, deepen and become masterful at both of these energies within ourselves, life literally can flow through us with so much more ease.

And this works its magic not only in relationships, but also our inner world, our money, our business, and our relationship to the cosmos itself


And I want this for you..

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In the Deeper Podcast, we go -well- deep.
Through interviews with men, we are bridging the
conversation between the masculine and feminine,
hearing each other out, and exploring the real life challenges and gifts of all that comes with relating

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