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Breaking the Spell of Avoidant Men

For the woman ready to break free from attracting or relating to avoidance, unavailability, or men who aren't ready to commit



this is a 3.5 hour workshop with Sophie with life changing practices you can come back to over and over again. The workshop is for both those single and in relationship, and will go into lecture, somatic practices, visualisation and working with the subconscious.



  • THE TWO FEMININE ARCHETYPES that will happen in response to the avoidant (and how to forever shift them)
  • 8 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVING THE AVOIDANT that will set you FREE now that you know  (from 'avoidant men hurt real good', to 'being a love angel' and more...)
  • 4 VERY POWERFUL GUIDED PRACTICES so your BODY can heal, open, and forever release the spell
  • ACTIONABLE TIPS HOW TO RELATE to a more avoidant man, now from your Queen energy: WHY the avoidance move happens in him, WHAT is ok from him and what is not,
    WHEN to end a connection,
    HOW to take care of your own heart, HOW to partner with his nervous system, HOW to set boundaries, HOW to spot him early on
  • BECOME TURNED ON BY AVAILABLE LOVE: one big practice to go from attracting the avoidant to being sooo turned on by available love
  • answers to the Q&A

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