€1111 EUR

✨ 3x 5 Days Private Voxer Coaching ✨

This is 3x5 days of your very own private voxer time with Sophie 😍

for anything business, life, love, Sky Daddy, dating, relationships, money, etc 🫦

Cant wait to support & guide you, and to let the magic unfold for us!




After purchase, we will reach out to you asap to schedule our days together ! 🥳




ps: by finalising this purchase, you agree to these terms & conditions:

  • Yes, I understand that my payment is non-refundable and non transferrable and cannot be cancelled

  • Yes, I understand that this price can change without notice

  • Yes, I understand that these days are to be scheduled and used within 2 months of purchase, after which they will expire. Also, if I end up not actively using voxer days that have been scheduled, they will not be rescheduled

  • Yes, I understand that these voxer days are largely client-led, and that I am so empowered to make the most of these days

  • Yes, I understand that I am deliciously responsible for myself